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Το Shadows of Adam έρχεται στο Switch

Όπως επιβεβαίωσαν σήμερα οι CIRCLE Entertainment και Something Classic Games, το RPG, Shadows of Adam έρχεται για την κονσόλα της Nintendo, Switch.

Ακολουθεί μια σύντομη λίστα με το τι θα περιέχει το Shadows of Adam, σύμφωνα πάντα με την εταιρία παραγωγής :

  • Compelling Character Driven Story: Shadows of Adam’s story is one with a deep narrative and an interesting plot. The story revolves around 4 main characters: Asrael, Kellan, Curtis and Talon.
  • A Strategic AP Management Battle System: AP is restored between each round of battle automatically and through defeating enemies. This allows a unique attrition system that encourages skill use and fast combat.
  • Beautiful Visuals: Shadows of Adam features beautifully modernized visuals inspired by classic JRPGs of the SNES-era.
  • Original Soundtrack With Over 44 Tracks: An original soundtrack by Tyler Mire that’s inspired by music from the genre’s greatest games. This soundtrack includes unique themes for each area and character and has an emphasis on strong melodies and an emotional connection.



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